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Tailormade Financial Strategies (TFS) focus on the most important issues facing the majority of Australians first. Debt and specifically home loans are front of mind for most, not only in this economic climate, but in general. Too often decisions about the cheapest interest rate drive decisions and whilst that is very important, it is not the only factor. There are products provided by banks that will save people interest and therefore pay home loans off more quickly without the cost and inconvenience of moving the loan.

TFS analyse your current financial position and will develop a plan for you utilising products  already available that will clearly identify, month by month, how early home loan repayment can be achieved.

With over 25 years of industry experience, TFS are confident that they can help you achieve your financial goals whilst maintaining or creating the lifestyle you want. TFS also offer a range of wealth protection options to safeguard your finances in the future.

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Is there a missing link between you and your financial goals? 

As the cost of living increases so to does the pressure placed on working Australians. Interest rate hikes and an uncertain economy are leaving many people wondering how they are going to manage.

It can be done!

Let TFS help you take great holidays every year, put aside quality time for your kids, own your home in far less time than you would expect and invest in property. Our personalised planning software can demonstrate how long it will take you to achieve your financial goals, whilst developing or maintaining the lifestyle you want. With the advice and personalised planning that TFS can offer, you can begin your journey to financial freedom.

The TFS Promise

TFS is confident that we can improve your current financial situation. We will write you a plan and guide you through it in a clear and easy to understand manner.

How Can We Help?

Goal Setting

TFS recognise that clients of different ages and demographics have varying financial needs. Your financial goals and objectives are defined by personal circumstance and TFS generate your plan with this in mind. If you are unsure of the direction your finances could take, then allow TFS to outline your options. Alternatively, if you or your family want to make a annual holiday your priority then let TFS show you how to make this happen.

Wealth Protection

Along with planning for and building your wealth, TFS offer a range of insurances to ensure that your finances are protected.

Types of insurance that you could consider to safe guard your finances:

• Life Insurance
• Income Protection
• Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) 
• Trauma Insurance

Your Plan

Once you have established a set of goals for your financial future, TFS will construct a plan detailing how you can achieve your objectives and in what time frame. This plan will be explained to you in a clear and easy to understand manner. TFS realise that unplanned expenses will always arise; therefore your plan is designed in a flexible manner allowing you to adjust your finances when you need to.

To view the potential results, please click here to download a sample "Strategic Brief" document which forms part of our complete financial plan.

If you would like to get an overview specific to your circumstance, pleas complete the Contact Us section below and we will email you your personal version of the above "Strategic Brief" free of charge.

If you would like to discuss this or find out more about the Wealth Protection services TFS has available, please contact us on (08) 9345 3116 or email info@tailormadefs.com.au


did you know?

Superannuation is the focus of much conjecture.

Everybody is competing for your superannuation contribution with industry funds advertising heavily that they are a better option because there are no adviser fees. 

Retail funds use the adviser network to promote their products and will tell you the exact opposite on the basis that the use of an adviser will create a better return over time.

The government enforces payment by your employer to the tune of 9.5% of your gross taxable annual income.

If you are 30 years old and earn $50,000 before tax per annum, your employer will contribute $4,750 per annum for 35 years, should you retire at age 65. That's $166,250 going straight to your fund, without allowing for any earnings, increases in your income or in the contribution rate.

Below is a list of rate increases being introduced under present legislation:
2017 to 2021 –    9.5%
2021 to 2022 –   10%
2022 to 2023 –   10.5%
2023 to 2024 –   11%
2024 to 2025 –   11.5%
2025 onwards – 12%

Irrespective of what superannuation fund you use, you must make sure that you understand where your superannuation money is and maximise your opportunity.

this is a gift that keeps on giving!

So, who do you trust with this nest egg? We, at Tailormade would like you to consider what we consider the best of both worlds. Inexpensive funds and fund management with no ongoing advice fees. In other words, let the fund managers manage and keep your costs as low as possible.



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